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Hey y'all!! Love this little series I have going and the response I'm getting back. Amazon is definitely a go to retailer for just about anything. I have put together all my must have home essentials relating to decor, kitchen, and more so make sure to stay tuned for more. This is one of my fav posts, I love a good kitchen tool. As for now, click on any of the products in the picture to shop.



I just got this in the mail the a few weeks ago and cannot wait to use it. I have a few new recipes I want to try out with the Insta Pot and I love the idea of easy cooking. There are so many ways to use this thing with the help of good ole google.

I bought this before getting a Nespresso, but this is legit. If you have ever had frothed milk in your drinks you know how amazing it is. Well, I was on a mission to find one for at home so I searched Amazon high and low and found this one. It has really good reviews and is at an affordable price point. This is a hand held one, so you “pump” it to forth the milk, because it is handheld you are able to control how frothed you would like it. It is not difficult to use, and the more you pump the more froth you get.

This is probably one of my all time favorite Amazon home purchases. This thing is genius! This is a clip on strainer that attaches to any pot size. It is dishwasher safe (AMAZING) and much easier to store than a regular strainer, because it is rubber and it is very slender. Definitely a MUST HAVE purchase!!

These have been on my kitchen wishlist for awhile now. I want these to use for baking cookies, roasting veggies, etc. These mats can be used in the oven which makes for a perfect clean up, simply place on top of a baking sheet. The reviews are insane and they are not expensive like other comparable mats.

Another one of my Amazon kitchen favorites. I bought this after hearing an influencer rave about it. I read a bunch of reviews and watched a video of it being used and I was sold. This thing actually goes in and out of stock because it is so popular so get your hands on it!! This thing is genius, you legit just put whatever you want chopped into it and pull the handle attached to the rope. I love it for making guac! In small batches, I will throw all the ingredients into the chopper, chop, then just remove the blade and serve in the bowl (which cuts down on cleaning, only one bowl and a blade). For large batches of guac, I will throw in red onion, chop it, then jalapeño, chop it, and finally the avocados. This thing is a MUST HAVE if you eat avocados it mashes them up so smoothly. This gadget also comes with a lid for storing. If I haven’t sold you yet, check out the reviews.

I just got an air fryer a few weeks ago, and love it already. It is perfect for roasting veggies, making French fries, heating up food, honestly just about anything. Also, an air fryer is the only way to cook Cauliflower Gonococci. So many different recipes and different methods of using this thing so definitely check out google. The reviews on this particular air fryer are also really good!

This is a set of two cooking sheets. These particular ones have the raised sides (which I love) to prevent sliding or spilling. This is a super inexpensive option if you are in the market or need to grab a few more.

This pan is internet famous after a blogger posted about it. It is a non stick pan that actually works and doesn’t break the bank either. This particular pan comes in different sizes and the reviews are amazing.

I want these cutting boards!! They are from the brand Gorilla Grip which prides itself on its nonslip items. These cutting boards come in a pack of three with different color options. They are dishwasher safe and won’t slide and move across the counter when you are using them, that’s enough to buy them!!

This egg cooker is the coolest thing ever! You are able to cook omelets, hard boil eggs, and poach eggs as well. It has a timer that goes off when it’s done and all you have to do is fill with water. It makes everything so simple and easy to clean. It makes the best hard boil eggs and is so perfect for busy mornings when you want an omelette all you have to do is throw in the ingredients!! pro tip: you do not need to poke the egg before hard boiling.

Once again another item on my wishlist. I love that these are nonslip and they have a pour spout. They are from the Gorilla Grip company and are not supposed to move and slip around when you are using them on a surface. They are large and perfect for baking!!

These are super fun and have amazing reviews. I love that everything fits together making storage super simple. Most nesting bowls do not include measuring spoons, only mixing bowls, so I love that this has it all. These bowls have handles on the side making it easy to hold while using and easy to grip to. Also, the different colors are fun!

This thing is so cool!! Definitely an item on my wishlist! This is no regular cutting board, this one actually folds up to pour your items into a bowl, the sink, trash, etc. I always loose so much when transferring items from a cutting board to whatever I’m using so this is amazing. The handle to dump the items is genius. There are different colors as well. Read the reviews for more testimony!!


Thank you so much for following along! As always, PLEASE shop my links and make sure to follow me in the app. The app is the easiest way to view exclusive content and instantly shop my looks and products.



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