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College Fashion Picks

Hey y’all graduation season is here and I have had a million requests for graduation gifts, college must haves, dorm room essentials, all the things. I have a couple blog posts that should be helpful DORM MUST HAVES & COLLEGE APARTMENT MUST HAVES. Also be sure to check out my Amazon List “Shop My Apartment” and “College Must Haves”. These are all very helpful resources that I spent lots of time and thought putting together for y’all! Something a little different this year I thought I would get into is a little clothing must have guide (for girls). Y’all know my love for fashion! These are some clothing/accessory items that I always go back to! *and a great way to spend that new grad money ;)


My go-to fashion items for college!

  • Tennis Skirt

  • Lulu Running Shorts

  • Biker Shorts

  • Amazon Workout Sets

  • Sports Bras

  • Puffer Jacket

  • Puffer Vest

  • Athletic Jacket

  • Pullover

  • Oversized Sweatshirt

  • Slippers

  • Sneakers

  • Lulu belt bag

  • Large tote

  • White Button Down

  • Gold Hoop Earrings

  • Gold Dainty Necklaces (for layering)

  • Crossbody Purse (tan or black)

  • Oversized Sunnies

  • Black Leggings

  • Dress *With shoulders covered!

  • Boots

  • LBD

  • Tennis dress / active romper

  • Oversized graphic tees

  • Copped tanks (lots of colors)

  • Sweatpants

  • Cropped short sleeve tee


Thank you so much for following along! As always, PLEASE shop my links and make sure to follow me in the app. The app is the easiest way to view exclusive content and instantly shop my looks and products. Viewing my site through a desktop is also the easiest way to view content. Also, check out my Amazon Storefront.




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