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HEY THERE!!! Moving away to college can be so much fun to be able to completely design your own space and live on your own, but it can also get pricey. I have put together my dorm room must haves along with my favorites I couldn't live without.


I am a huge fan of Anthropologie bedding. I have had multiple pieces from there and they all hold up very well, wash well, and have high quality fabric that is not irritating. Keep your eye out for their clearance sales, they tend to have really cute bedding on sale, however it does sell out fast. Also take a look at Nordstrom Rack. I found the exact bedding I had in a different color sold there. Click HERE to get to the Anthropologie page at Nordstrom Rack. Another great option is Urban Outfitters. They have some really cute bedding like THIS ONE that I got for my sister. A good rule of thumb for all bedding across the board is to wait for a sale.

Bedding I'm Loving:


Blankets I'm Loving:


I love throw pillows!!! Sadly I bought my "Happy Happy Happy" pillow at a boutique in Wisconsin, but my white pillow is linked HERE. Pillows are such an easy way to change the vibe of a room. I love having white bedding with some fun, colorful pillows or vice versa.

Pillows I'm Loving:


Storage is so important in a small space. I have more belongings than you can count and I managed to store everything in a tiny dorm room with no closet! The key is organizers. It is so important to maximize the space you have and make sure your items are visible. By doing this you are creating more space. Look for items that you can use year to year as well. Try to stick to clear or white organizers so you can see your items inside, and acrylic is nice because it is really easy to clean.

Storage solutions I'm Loving:

I could not live without the Three Drawer Carts under my bed. I had two of the Wide Size and one of the Medium Size. The storage carts come in so many variations so find the size the works the best with what you need. Check out Target, Walmart, and The Container Store. I also loved the 6-Cube Organizer Shelf to house any food or dishes. You can also style the organizer shelf with some fun, decorative bins or baskets. For my desk, I used a Shoe Rack as a shelf for extra storage. This Makeup Organizer, these Acrylic Bins, and these Gold Pencil Cups (would also work for makeup brushes) on my desk were perfect for organizing.


Other Items I'm Loving:


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