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Hey y'all!! Happy first week of fall, while temps still might be high I thought I would round up some fall styles to kick off the season. Being honest, I don't completely love fall or the cold, but life happens and we are making the most of all the sweaters, booties, and jackets I can get my hands on. Loving all the trendy items for this fall so here we go!


Let's start off with some new fall trends!

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Faux Leather! This is one trend I am definitely here for this year. I love the way faux leather looks mixed with a big chunky sweater, mixing the edgy look of leather with the soft feminine vibes of a sweater is perfect. I need some more leather for the fall, this trend is my absolute favorite. Also, this year I am seeing leather in all different colors: white, black, tans, grey, and more.

Winter whites! It's not quite winter yet, but it is a total myth that you cannot wear white after Labor Day. Winter whites were very in last year and they are back. Try mixing cream and white together with a camel coat for a super trendy look.

Snake skin! I have forever sworn that snake skin is a neutral, you cannot change my mind. It will match anything, and I love the versatility of it. I love that you can get different colored snake skin prints too. I love pairing snake skin with graphic tees for an edgy look, or with a neutral outfit to spice it up.

Cheetah/Leopard Print! Following close behind snake skin print is cheetah/leopard print. Last fall these prints really made a comeback, and they are here to stay another year. Love incorporating these prints into all the fall items: sweaters, sweater dresses, cardigans, dresses, that type of thing. Using prints is an easy way to spice up a look up.

Flannels! Flannels are such a fall basic. They are so easy to pair with just about anything; I love pairing them over leggings, with a crop top, or tying around my waist to throw on. I have a few different colors but mainly wear my black & white one, because it matches everything. Also, if you are feeling ambitious try cutting an old flannel into a cropped one for a new vibe.

Neutrals! I am all about wearing tans, blacks, and whites. They are so easy to pair and tan is so popular right now. So glad this trend is making its way into fall. This is definitely an easy trend to follow: tan booties, camel coats, tan and white sweaters, neutral hats.

Fringe! I am here for this newer trend, fringe. It was all over NYFW this year! Try a fringe jacket with a more neutral outfit or incorporate it into your outfit with a fringe purse.

Faux Fur! This trend is back year after year out of comfort, but as the years have progressed faux fur is for sure getting trendier. Try a faux fur jacket paired with a tan sweater and some fun booties. This year I have my eye out for a faux fur leather jacket, best of both worlds.

Statement Sleeves! Puff sleeves were all over NYFW this year. This trend is somewhat newer and I love the dramatic flair it adds to any outfit. I love the look of a puff sleeve, with classic jeans, and some booties.

Knee High Boots! I love a good knee high boot, booties are so easy to wear all year round paired with jeans or shorts, but knee high boots make such a statement. I love all the fun patterns I am seeing in knee high boots too.


Honorable mention would have to be denim. I am seeing denim all over, especially denim dresses. Denim jackets are always a staple too, I love the look of cropped denim jackets paired over a dress. Another trendy look is 90's fashion. I am seeing all the 90's vibes especially in denim straight leg jeans. That's all for now but stick around for more fall inspo and all the best sales!


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