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Hey y'all!! I thought I'd get on here and talk a little about why I do what I do and how I got started and just some overall background info! I get so many questions about how I got involved, making a website, and becoming an affiliated influencer with Reward Style.

Let's start!! If you know me, you know that I have ALWAYS been OBSESSED with all things fashion since I was super little. I loved the idea of getting dressed all fancy literally just to run to get groceries. My sister used to hate me because I would be all dressed cute to go to the mall and she wanted to wear running shorts. HAHA. Well that has always been me and I was always the girl with the cute outfit at Publix! Getting to style and create different outfits was always a creative outlet for me and when I became aware of the occupation "Personal Shopper" it became my absolute dream job to say the least! I would actually shop for my family members: sister, mom, cousins, aunts (and still do) because I love being able to be apart of something so little (clothing) but be able to impact so much (confidence, mood, appearance, etc.). So while I have ALWAYS had a shopping addiction and am constantly shopping, like for real constantly, I began to look for ways to use my creativity, love for fashion, motivation, and drive. I am a big article and review reader I love reading about fashion trends, fabrics, brands, reviews, all of it, so I am constantly in the loop. While I do shop A LOT, I RARELY buy items that are NOT discounted. This is something that I have always done, I try to incorporate items that will benefit me in the long term rather than trendy pieces that will fade out in a year. But I also buy items that are versatile. I say this word a lot but it is essential to me when it comes to fashion, it is important to have items you can mix and match with different outfits to maximize your closet. Not to mention, why buy an item if you can only wear it with one outfit or a certain color, that is just no fun. I love to search for different retailers and find the best options which is why I make it all easy for you with my SALES tab!!! (check it out)!!

Alright enough about me, now into the backside of my website. Because this is something I have wanted to do for so long I wanted to make sure it was perfected and everything was to my liking before launching it to the public. With a website also comes a monetary commitment, you have to purchase a domain name and a provider plan based on the content of the website to best fit your needs. This is often something people do not understand, but if you are serious about making a website then it is worth it and an investment that you will pay off. I spent 2-3 weeks creating my website making sure to have different elements and blog posts ready and everything correctly linked. The more time you spend in the beginning the easier it will be for you later on when you go to edit or make small changes, you will not have to revamp the entire site. Something I learned the hard way was to also make sure you are editing the "mobile view" of your website. While everything looks and flows better on desktop view the majority of your audience will be utilizing mobile view. Getting a website ready for launch is something that takes time, don't rush it! Also, encourage your audience to utilize the desktop view, because it is the best view and easiest to shop.

As for RewardStyle, you are accepted into the company. There is an application process and you either get accepted or denied. If accepted, the company provides you with the materials and tools to grow your brand and develop an audience. Some of the tools they provide for me include the ability to curate interactive lists of products that then showcase on my website.

What I do: I am an "influencer." Basically what I do is create content for my audience for which I am paid a portion of the commissions on my sales made. This is the reason why I ask for my audience to "Shop my links." When someone is to purchase ANYTHING through a link/URL that I post I make a commission off the sale. So I had posted this up on my Facebook but it is a very good description on how to shop my links.

"I want to help everyone further understand a little behind the scenes and how you can help me. You can go to MY WEBSITE and click RETAILERS then you can click on whatever retailer you are currently shopping so say amazon, you click on the amazon button and purchase whatever you want through the link it opens for you and I get commission. But, I also have a shop amazon tab with all my favorite amazon picks that you can also shop through. So, basically you do not have to buy a specific product I link to you, you can buy whatever items you want from the desired site, so say I link to a blue shirt from Loft, you can buy 3 pairs of pants and I can still make commission off the pants, it doesn’t have to just be the shirt. Everything is that simple, you just go to the blog or the like to know it app and you can shop any product I have already listed. You can also go to RETAILERS and click on any listed retailer in order to shop for whatever you want. As long as you are originating at my link, any product you purchase benefits me."

ALL of the following scenarios give me commission!

This means: on my skincare blog post I linked to a moisturizer from Sephora, you then click on that link and you can purchase that moisturizer or you can purchase three other haircare products (the product does not matter).

This means: on my amazon favorites page I link to a pair of sunglasses, you click on the sunglasses but instead of purchasing them you purchase candy, a shirt, and a dress. (the product does not matter).

This means: on my wishlist page you want to purchase a pair of earrings I have listed, you click on the earrings icon which redirects you to the retailers page where you purchase the earrings or you purchase a necklace instead.

This means: on my shop my closet page you click on the bathing suit I have which redirects you to the retailers page, you end up buying that website and a pair of shorts

This means: on the retailer page I have Anthropoligie listed, you click on the link and buy bedding (the product does not matter).

This means: you are looking at the sale page and see Abcrombie is having a sale, you click on Abcrombie and buy a pair of shorts and a bathing suit (the product does not matter).

By shopping my links, you are allowing me to make better content for my audience. I am able to see which retailers and products my audience best reacts to and try different items to (hopefully) recommend. So next time you go to make an online order at your fav retailer, check out my website first for a link. Or the next time you go to get something at Target, consider placing an order for pickup through my link. As always, please contact me!! I am more than willing to help out or clarify anything, don't be shy!! You have no idea how happy it makes me to see a positive response and orders come through! After all my goal in all of this is to help YOU out I want to inspire confidence and creativity while showing you how to find items that best suit you and your closet.

All about the App & why you should have it: is an app available for free in the Apple and Android stores. Once you search for the app simply download it. Once logged in, on the bottom toolbar is a magnifying glass in the right hand corner this is the "search section."Click on search and then click on "influencer search." In "influencer search" type "sloanevosen." Make sure to follow me in the app to have easy access to all posts and exclusive app content. By having the app and following me, you are giving your self access to every post I have ever made, in chronological order and the posts do not expire like Instagram stories. You are also able to screenshot my pictures posted on my social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and get product details INSTANTLY. I regularly post content over on the app so be sure not to miss out!

You should have this app, because it is essentially a shop-able Pinterest. You are able to follow different influencers that you feel best suit you. You can create folders of products you "heart" all of which are shop-able! You can use the "product search" in many ways as well: to find outfit inspiration; to find a certain product, say wedding guest dress; to find products from a certain retailer, search the retailer; to find products under a certain price, click under $50. I love Pinterest to find outfit inspo, but has by far surpassed it, because you are able to directly shop the item with no extra steps.

Thank you so much for following along! As always, PLEASE shop my links and make sure to follow me in the app. The app is the easiest way to view exclusive content and instantly shop my looks and products. Viewing my site through a desktop is also the easiest way to view content.




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