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Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday!!Thought I'd come on here and link up some different items from my apartment! I love the way it turned out and how homey it feels, I cannot wait to make so many memories this year! Everything is linked for you, just click on the plus icon to be taken directly to the product's page.


Also, I know I'm annoying, but please, please, please shop my links! Shopping my links allows me to gage my audience and the response I am receiving to the different items I am sharing. To shop my links, simply purchase anything through a link I provide via my website, my, the links in my bio(s), and more. Other than that, I hope I am a resource for you to turn to for the best sales, affordable finds, everyday style, and allow you to find confidence in clothing. XOXO!!

  • The prints inside the white frames are vintage custom & can't be linked.

  • The blue watercolor vase is from the Dollar Spot at Target and I cannot find it online.

  • I linked the bed skirt that I ordered but I do not have it on yet.

  • The small shell mirror is vintage & can't be linked.

  • The yellow fringe throw pillow is from Home Goods & can't be linked.

  • The pink and blue shell frames are handmade & can't be linked.

  • The area rug is from Costco & can't be linked.

  • I linked the rectangular mirror with shells is linked, however I handmade it.

  • The Happy pillow was from a boutique & can't be linked.

  • The silver S is old & can't be linked.

  • Okay so that's all! Thanks for reading, hehe


Thank you so much for following along! As always, PLEASE shop my links and make sure to follow me in the app. The app is the easiest way to view exclusive content and instantly shop my looks and products. Viewing my site through a desktop is also the easiest way to view content.



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