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Hey y'all!! As I head out on a trip, I thought what better time than now to put together all my travel favorites. I love, love to travel, but I hate not being prepared which leads to over packing. I am for sure an over-packer so I use all the tips and tricks to maximize my space while keeping everything organized. You can always refer back to this post by searching or going to the home category of my blog posts. Let's get to it!


This is something I just started probably four year ago, but I cannot travel without packing cubes. Even if I am just traveling for a weekend with a duffel bag I still bring packing cubes they keep everything so organized and put together. Also, they double as laundry bags. I have two different brands. Set of 5 Mesh Laundry Bags / Packing Cubes &&& Compression Packing Cubes. I love them both and they both have different perks at very reasonable price points. I will link both below!! I love the compression ones more, because they fit more and obviously by the name compress your stuff and have handles, but the other set is super cheap and you can get two uses out of it. I use as laundry bags for underwear, bras, etc. and also packing cubes just to separate items.

Jewelry is hard to travel with, but I found these super cool organizers on Amazon meant for jewelry so nothing gets tangled. This Jewelry Box Travel Case has snap closure and works for earrings, necklaces, and rings. I love how the middle plate holds pendant earrings. Honestly I really need one of these for myself. PRO HACK is to get makeup bags, I love these Clear Makeup Bags, to organize chargers or sunglasses or skincare for the plane. I love these, because they have handles. Also linking up a Travel Makeup Case Organizer. The reviews on these are really good.

Another travel essential is my Neoprene Tote Bag and of course the 3 in 1 Purse Organizer Insert. This bag was one my first actual bag purchases and I do not regret for a second. It is so unique and machine washable (amazing)!! The brand is Haute Shore. It comes in a bunch of fun patterns and colors, mine is from the collection last fall, but you can find some on Amazon. I love the snap closure to make it smaller or leave it larger. Also it comes with a zippered wallet. Another must have is a purse organizer this thing has so many compartments it makes it so easy to organize your things. If you have a tote bag you need an organizer, they come in a bunch of colors and you can grab them on Amazon.

This is more of a life essential, but I always travel with a Portable Charger. For some reason my phone always seems to die at the airport so I need one of these and this is by far the best one I have found. It is not terribly expensive, it is very slim, not that heavy, doesn't require any extra cords, comes with a travel case, and charges into the wall. It's amazing!!

Another must have is Blue Light Glasses. Whenever I travel, I am always watching shows, movies, or working on the computer so I always use my blue light glasses. Blue light glasses are so good for your eyes by preventing the harm caused by screens to your retinas and help to prevent headaches.

As for skincare, my skin gets super dry when I fly so I always make sure to have my Aquaphor Healing Ointment To-go Size. This stuff is totally a lip mask without all the hype and a fancy name. It gives the best glossy look on your lips while being multi purpose. Linking up some of my other travel favorites.

I always make sure to bring snacks on the plane too! My favorites are definitely SmartSweets. They are a "healthy" candy high in fiber, low in sugar. It is cheaper to buy it in bulk from Amazon Subscribe and Save. Also linking up my favorite granola of all time, it is the Safe and Fair Birthday Cake Granola. This stuff tastes heavenly!!

I always travel with a water bottle as well. Just make sure to have it empty before security! I love, love my Hydroflask. I have the 40 OZ. Another fav is the Yeti Tumblers. I have heard nothing but great things about the Simple Modern Tumblers. They have a flexible straw and are spill proof.

Yet another fav, my Gimme Beauty No Break Thick Hair Ties. I have tried every hot item hair tie and honestly didn't like any of them but this one. I bought the trial pack of the different sizes and find myself using the "thick" and "long" fits. You can actually buy them on Amazon now.


Thank you so much for following along! As always, PLEASE shop my links and make sure to follow me in the app. The app is the easiest way to view exclusive content and instantly shop my looks and products.




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