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Rent the Runway Finds

Hey y'all I thought I'd make a home for all my Rent the Runway outfits. If you're new here, Rent the Runway is a clothing subscription program. I am on the 8 item/month plan and have the ability to switch out my shipments twice a month. This is a great alternative to buying outfits for events, vacations, or game days and only wear the outfit once. I am OBSESSED! I love being able to rent items I may not ever purchase. Not to mention, Rent the Runway is a sustainable way to keep your wardrobe fashionable. The shipping and return process is very fast and very easy. Please reach out with any questions :) Love y'all!

Save on your member ship with the code "SLOANERTR" to get 40% (!!!) off the 8, 12, or 16 item memberships!




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