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(spoiler alert, it's a hat). Hey y'all!!! I'm back with another blog post, this time we're talking accessories. Accessories are just one of those things that can make or break an outfit. If you are looking to take an outfit to the next level add a cute earring, bag, belt, shoe, etc. As you can probably see in the back of my mirror pics, I am a hat girl true and true. I have an obsession with hats and it is for the better. Listen, hats can dress up an outfit, hide the dirty hair, and totally switch up the vibe of a look. Thought I would come on here and put together a post of my favorite hats!


First let's talk trucker hats! I love how trucker hats can be worn with a more athletic outfit or with a cute outfit. If you haven't already, you should definitely check out Han's Hats. I found Han's Hats on Instagram and oh my goodness she has the cutest hats I have ever seen. I need a hat for every occasion and every color now. I have the "stay wavey" hat in pink and the "locals only" hat in maroon. They are adjustable and come in a low or high rise. Also, she has a million and one colors to choose from so definitely reach out to her if you have a specific idea in mind. You cannot go wrong with any style she has and I am already making a list for my next order.


Styling trucker hats is not complicated, like at all. They look good with everything and you can play around with hair up or down to see how it changes the look. If you are going for a more everyday look try a colored trucker hat with some leggings and a white crop. If you're feeling funky maybe even tie a silk scarf around your neck. I always have a hat handy to throw on after a workout too to go run errands. These hats are also the secret trick to dirty hair. To wear a trucker hat with a cute outfit find a simple dress with little to no pattern and some sandals. I wore my pink trucker hat with a black dress and sneakers and it was so cute. Another idea is a light pair of denim with a trucker hat and a neutral colored top. Don't be afraid to style theses hats a million ways.

Next, let's talk flat brim hats. I have a black and a tan flat brim hat. I tend to wear my tan one more, but that is purely a personal preference. I love the fedora styled flat brim hats too. These gained a lot of popularity last year and they are definitely here to stay. I wore mine a ton this summer, they are the perfect addition to any outfit to dress it up. All my hats are adjustable which I like, because I can switch it to be tighter if it's windy outside, random but helpful. Also, I love the western vibes of the flat brim hats. Side note the difference between the fedora style and the boater style is the "dimple" as I call it, which just means the fedora and also the Panama style have a low, pinched crown and brim. The boater style is more flat with a small crown. Western fashion is really in right now so this is the perfect way to tie it into your outfit. I have my eyes on a Lack of Color hat and a Hats N' Roses hat.


Styling a flat brim hat is not tricky. I would say that this style hat is a little more on the cute side, I wouldn't wear it with athletic clothing, but other than that, it goes with pretty much everything. During the summer, I would always throw my hat on with dresses or denim shorts and a cute shirt. They instantly bring the look together and once again perfect for hair washing days. I definitely use Pinterest a lot too for hat inspo. Oh not exactly the same as a flat brim, but similar, is a cowboy hat. Seriously, if you wear a cowboy hat with the right outfit it looks killer. Quality is something to consider here, it is easy to tell when a hat doesn't fit right, so don't be stingy. With that being said, if you want to try out the hat trend or some fun colors, then start with something on the less expensive side.


I could buy every hat on the market, (not exaggerating) I just love the way it completes an outfit. Seriously though I thought they looked stupid until I found the perfect styles and sizes. Everything in life is worth trying!! Now that I've nerded on about hats for this long, I will show you some of my favs! If you buy one and try it out, tag me! I love to see and hear when y'all buy something you love from my page! :)


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